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We Are Private Mortgage Lending Experts - $20k to $25M - California

We arrange private hard money loans for residential, commercial, mixed-use, multifamily, land and unique properties. As the private mortgage lenders CA residents rely on,

DJ Capital Group can arrange loans for purchase, refinance, fix and flips, business purposes, foreclosure bail-out, and much more.We can take care of studio apartments, guest houses, industrial warehouses and commercial office parks.

Every loan is tailored to your unique situation. We offer 1st, 2nd and in some cases 3rd trust deeds. Our minimum loan is $20,000 and we fund loans up to $25,000,000.00.

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  • Our Programs for Private Loans in Long Beach, CA & Surrounding Areas

    DJ Capital Group. provide private loans in Long Beach, CA for real estate for a myriad of purposes. We offer loans as small as $30,000 (sometimes smaller, on a case-by-case basis) for fast-cash, repair, business, investment and down payment purposes, up to $10,000,000. With the improvement of technology, people are starting to understand the hazardous


    What Makes Us Unique?

    If you notice one of these signs, act fast and contact us immediatly 

    We are Direct Lenders!

    We Lend out own money and with local private investors.  That means we can make decisions quickly

    We can Loan on 2nd & 3rd Position 

    We can fund many projects that our competitors won't or cannot do!

    We Pay Referral Fees!

    Whether you are a licensed Realtor or Mortage broker, or in some cases, even if you are not licensed!

    CALL US: 562-728-3233

    Refinance and Cash-Out

    Are you looking to refinance a California residential or commercial property? We offer easy to obtain refinance loans so you can pay off a higher –rate mortgage or retire a loan with a balloon payment. Our refinance loans have competitive terms, interest rates and loan costs. We make the refinance process fast and easy!

    Investment Purchase and Owner-Occupied Purchase

    The majority of loans that we offer are for investment purchases or refinances, however, if you are purchasing an owner-occupied property and have about 25% to 30% down payment money, we may be able to assist you.

    Apartment and Commercial Loans(Refinance, Junior Loans and Purchases)

    Our commercial and apartment interest rates are great! We are also very creative and will work with you to get your loan funded.

    One of our lowest interest rate loan programs is for commercial and apartments properties. Call us to obtain a written loan quote!

    We have funded loans for many unusual circumstances, borrowers and properties. We recently completed a purchase loan for an industrial property located on leased land. Only a handful of other private money lenders would have the experience or resources to fund this loan.

    Investment Rehab “Fix and Flip”

    Our “fix and flip” investment rehab loans are some of the best in the industry! We are active investors and understand the importance for fast closings and great terms! We can often fund up to 100% of the purchase price and in some instances, fund the entire project. Most of our “flip” loans require that you have some experience, but our motto is, “If you find a great flip deal, we’ll find a way to fund your deal!”

    Note Puchases and Note Hypothecation

    We purchase existing performing and non-performing notes and we have also offered not hypothecations.

    Repair 2 Sell Program

    Are you a Realtor or homeowner and want to sell your property for top dollar? We arrange loans for property repairs, so you can repair that home and sell it for the highest in your neighborhood!

    We can also provide the contractors and prepare a competitive written repair and remodel bid. We will not require you to make loan payments. Repay us when the property sells!

    Our Repair 2 Sell program is a great way for sellers and Realtors to net thousands more when properties sell!

    Bridge, Gap and Short-Term Loans

    Do you need a fast loan for a short-term, for months and even days? We can fund small and large size loans for short term needs. We have made loans to borrowers where the fund were only needed for one day. Call us to discuss your loan scenario and we will provide a written loan proposal.

    2nd and 3rd Trust Deeds

    GW Private Capital Inc. offers 1st, 2nd and 3rd trust deed mortgages. There are few California lenders that arrange junior mortgages, but this is niche loan product that we are comfortable with. Call us so we can discuss your loan need in detail.

    Construction and Construction-Completion

    We have arranged ground-up construction loans. If you can obtain a bank construction loan, you may find more favorable terms from a traditional construction lender, but we welcome your loan request and may be able to assist you.

    Are you in the middle or at the tail-end of a remodel or construction project and need some additional capital to finalize your project? We arrange 1st, 2nd and 3rd construction and repair completion loans.

    Call us to discuss your project and loan request needs.

    Property Improvement and Repair

    Looking for a small loan to complete the smallest of repairs? We have helped and made small loans for many scenarios.If you need a reliable contractor or handyman to complete a repair or improvement, call us.

    Contact Us Anytime To Learn More About Our Company And Loan Programs (888) 840-8804You may also click on the

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to most common questions

    What types of loans do you arrange?

    We arrange private hard money real estate loans for residential, commercil, apartments, mixed-use and other types of properties. We offer mortgage loans for "fix and flips", purchases, fast cash-out, refinance, repair, short-term and other purposes.

    Up to what percentage of my property's value will you lend?

    We can lend up to 100% of the purchase price for "fix and flip" purchases. We typically don't lend any higher than 80% of the appraised property's fair maket value for most refinances, 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages, but in most instances, we lend up to 65% of the value. Every situation is unique and we lend on a case-by-case basis.

    What types of properties do you lend on?

    We will lend on most property types, single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartment buildings, commercial, warehouse, offices, land, mixed-use, to name a few.

    Do you only lend in California?

    We lend all over the entire State of California and we can sometimes lend in some other Western states.

    DJ Capital Group is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate #01730165